Motorized Drapes & Shade Control

Motorized Drapes & Shade Control

To hit new peaks of technology, Pro Audio Home Theater Installation goes beyond industry norms. We provide our users with the motorized blinds that will make your house look more innovative. We can deliver the best solution for any window with access to a wide variety of high-quality materials, fabric ranges, and specialized controls. All of our drapes and shade controls are handcrafted in our own factory, allowing us to have full quality control and versatility about our habit of meeting the customer deadlines. 

We are specialized in providing motorized drapes and shade control services. Our company has been working along with the leading manufacturers of the automatic blind industry. Other than this, we collaborate and work closely with audio-visual suppliers to make sure that seamless incorporation of our electronic items into any network of controls. 

Why choose these services?

If you’re thinking about home protection, then window blinds, you might believe it is the best to prevent passerby from peering in. Although this may be essential, as motorized window blinds provide a much more beneficial solution to keeping your windows closed.

Boosts the energy-efficiency of your home

Motorized window blinds increase your house’s energy-efficiency in two ways which are light control and insulation. These drapes will take care of your home lighting.

Enhance the Quality of Your Sleep

Nothing is more stressful than trying to sleep in a space that’s not quiet or is too bright for you to sleep. Getting the motorized window drapes installed in your bedrooms helps to mitigate these problems. You can select the motorized blinds that have optimum light-blocking visibility which can help make your bedroom dark and help you enhance sleep efficiency.

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