Control Your House and Enhance Your Living Experience With Control4 Home Automation Systems

Imagine getting alerts on your phone about the opened garage door that you forgot to close while leaving the house. Control4 will give you the option of closing it. Just a press of a button and the door is closed.

Imagine a press of a button that shuts off your HVAC, activates your alarm systems, powers off all your electronic devices and locking all of the doors of your house. Another press of a button turns the lights on, turns on your music and turns the HVAC. These things are no longer an imagination; they have been made true with the Control4 home automation systems.

What we have mentioned above is just a fraction of what the Control4 automation systems can do. You can automate these systems to have a complete control over your home even in the case you are away. Along with making your house a convenient place to live in, these systems also make you feel more secure and comfortable, thereby enhancing almost every aspect of your lifestyle.

What’s special about the Control4 home automation systems?

All though ease of use is the main thing that every homeowner is going to love about the Control4 home automation systems, what’s even better is these systems are customizable. As a user, you just need to inform Pro Audio about your particular needs and they will customize the control system accordingly. Once installed, you will be able to govern every enabled device with a single interface.

What can you imagine after installing an automation system in your house?

  • Better Entertainment

You can create a dedicated listening room by listing to your favorite tunes. Select a playlist, adjust the lights and set the volume with just a press of a button.

By using a few more commands on your smartphone or touch-screen remote, you can also access online streaming services. Your entertainment experience can be further enhanced by creating a fully-featured home theater with the help of the device.

  • Smart Security

The Control4 devices integrate with the surveillance system, and smart security. Not only can you access the recorded videos or real-footage from anywhere (using your phone), but you can also activate and deactivate your alarm, integrate the surveillance system with the so-hyped motion-sensing lighting. This will flood your home with light in the case any danger is detected.

  • Lighting

Just a few clicks on your smart device and you would be able to create a perfect atmosphere for your family dinner. The smart lighting options provided by Control4 will let you prep for every occasion, if you are organizing a night party outdoors, want to enjoy a theater-like atmosphere in your house, or just want to create a stunning view while emphasizing the lighting on the particular features of your house Pro Audio can facilitate your needs.

  • Shades

The entire range of Control4 automation systems is designed for creating varying lighting effects in your interior spaces. You can customize the settings, create an elegant atmosphere, program motorized blinds, and switch on/off the lighting on the particular times of the day. It collectively by using an Control4 home automation system.

  • Control at home

Just imagine the situation that someone rings your doorbell and you are out an about, with just a touch of the button you can see a live feed of whomever is at your front door. This is made true by Control4 automation systems. Such a system not only lets you see who is there but, also enables you to hear him/her and respond accordingly. Just a button-press and you can choose to communicate or ignore.

The most beautiful thing about the Control4 systems is not that they enable you to control your house with a single device. Instead, it is the fact that technology learns and serves you better by keeping a record of your interests, habits and more. So, what you are waiting for? Get a Control4 home automation system installed and make your home a better place to live in.

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