Control4 Intercom Anywhere

Traditional Intercom systems allow simple two-way communication that extends through a home or
commercial building. Control4 Intercom Anywhere allows video communication using Control4 touchscreens, as well as iPhones and Android smartphones. Suppose you’re working in the home office, and
you need to ask your spouse a question, but they’re downstairs in the kitchen. Just use any touch screen or
smartphone to call the room. With Intercom Anywhere, you can video conference from a smartphone,
even when you’re not home.

Here are some of the major benefits of having an intercom system for your smart home.

• Improved Communication
Now with Control4 Intercom Anywhere, you can connect with any area of your house from any other
area, even when not at home. You don’t need to shout when calling for someone who’s not in the room.
Just use the video intercom. Choose one room to reach somebody when you know where they are, or
address every room simultaneously. Control4 offers wired, wall mounted touch screens, as well as
portable touch screens that connect to your WiFi. Intercom Anywhere also allows video conferencing
between phones, even between an iPhone and an Android.

• Door Station
The Control4 door station allows you to keep your home secure and completely under your control, while
at work or on vacation. Utilizing Control4’s Intercom Anywhere technology, the door station with a numeric keypad makes it easy to see and speak with visitors, control who’s allowed in your home by
setting up unique access codes, and even get notified by text or email when they do. You can remotely
open gates, garage doors, and motorized locks, and even set up codes allowing family members to open
them directly from the door station’s keypad.

Don’t forget, each Control4 touch screen not only acts as a video intercom but is also a dedicated control
interface, allowing access to every aspect of your smart home including audio, television, security
cameras, alarms, shades, HVAC, pool/spa control and more.

Any time you need installation services for audio, video, security, and home automation, you can visit and contact us for a free in-home consultation.

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