DTS:X™—Multi-dimensional surround sound giving you amazing richness and depth

DTS:X™ provides object-based surround sound using height speakers, and is a giant leap above a traditional 7.1 surround sound audio system. DTS:X provides multi-dimensional sound panning around the room and from side to side. The difference is Dolby Atmos speakers direct sound above you, and it bounces off the ceiling for a lifelike sound. Dolby Atmos requires a new surround sound system whereas DTS:X works with pretty much any speakers you already own. This makes it quite a bit less expensive and more convenient if you go with DTS:X. Not a bad idea, right?

DTS:X can accommodate up to 32 different speaker locations, meaning the system can maximize the full surround sound experience no matter where the speakers are placed. That’s a lot of speakers for a home theater system. Many cinemas install DTS:X because the quality of sound is that superior.

When it comes time to make a decision and figure out if DTS:X is the right fit for your home theater, always consult with a licensed, professional installer. They can design your home theater for the optimum experience of watching your TV and getting that incredible surround sound—and sound makes viewing the scene a real home theater.

Owning a home theater is so much more than a good picture—always take that into consideration. And, good surround sound is also set up in more areas of a home other than just the theater room. We’ve set surround sound up in a lot of different rooms in a home or a commercial business. You can easily set up DTS:X in your family room, bedroom—virtually anywhere in your house or business. How about the garage for the man cave?

DTS:X is multi-dimensional sound—simply put—moving around you like it would with real life sound. DTS:X gives you amazing richness and depth. From the big screen cineplex to home theaters to the phone in your pocket, DTS:X makes sound real. You truly feel as if you are part of what you are watching with sound coming from all directions. The DTS:X system is designed to work for multiple mediums, including broadcast TV, streaming video and Blue-Ray discs.

Feel the experience from watching the video and let us know what you think!

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