Why 4k TV?

If you’re looking for more engaging content with a sharper picture, that’s why. 4K resolution has 4,000 pixels which means you are getting four times more than your current display. To put it into a slightly technical form, you can take every pixel from your current 1080p TV into one quarter of a 4K TV screen. Sounds great, don’t you think?

4K TV has become one of the technology’s fastest growing in the market. Compare that with the transition from standard definition to HD. It was fairly slow for the movie industry and especially local broadcasting updating to the new standard. Thankfully, flat screens came along with significant options in screen sizes to help with watching TV in HD. Next we had the transition from DVD to Blue-ray. My oh my! Talk about even better quality.

Now, think of an even better picture. Say you buy a 50” 4K TV and you’re sitting roughly six feet in distance, you’ll have a mind-blowing experience with the image quality. The closer you get to the 4K TV, it remains pin-sharp. That’s a great reason to upgrade.

If you have concerns about the amount of content out there ready for the quality of 4K, don’t fret. It’s out there. And a lot more is coming fast. After all, it’s one of the fastest technology’s growing in the market. There’s plenty of hours in the week to get that mind-blowing experience from a 4K TV. If you want even more hours of that experience, it’s waiting for you. Amazon Prime has quite the selection along with Netflix and YouTube—the pioneer in 4K video streaming. Comcast and directTV offer some 4K content and expect a lot more throughout the year—and I mean, a lot more. Certain brands of TV’s sell media players, an internal upscaling engine turning HD content into 4K. You have plenty of options.

Are you ready for your upgrade? Because we’re ready to blow your mind.

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